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CSOPS Seminar: Continuous Direct Compression in the Real World

Lessons Learned, A Hands On Technical Seminar of Total Integrated Design

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rutgers University's Pharmaceutical Research Center,

C-SOPS, Piscataway, NJ

A technical seminar presented by:


What to expect at this seminar: This technical seminar will offer pharmaceutical manufacturers information on continuous processing, with a focus on continuous direct compression. Presentations will be given by experts in a variety of continuous processing operations, with an emphasis on the newest design innovations available, including process integration, and quality control. In addition, the afternoon session will include hands on demonstrations of a complete continuous direct processing line, as well as in depth demonstrations of process modeling and the newest PAT instrumentation.

Learn about exciting advances in the technologies available for continuous processing including:

  • Continuous Feeding and Proportioning

  • Continuous Refill Operations

  • Continuous Mixing

  • Tablet Press Operations

  • Process design and Integration

  • PAT technologies



For questions, comments, or assistance of any type contact C-SOPS at or 848-445-6709/ 848-445-6710

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