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CSOPS Event: C-SOPS Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting 2017

C-SOPS is hosting the annual IAB meeting with IFPAC in Washington this March. With keynote speech from Jaap Venema (USP, CTO) on Continuous Manufacturing as a Strategic Initiative for USP, the meeting will address the new C-SOPS technical research initiatives for 2017 as well as the updates on C-SOPS membership program.

Date: March 2-3, 2017

Venue: Bethesda North Marriott Hotel, North Bethesda, MD, USA

Mar 2, Thursday
  • Reception and Poster Session

Mar 3, Friday

  • Keynote: Jaap Venema (USP, CTO)

Continuous Manufacturing as a Strategic Initiative for USP

  • Kickoff Talk: Fernando J. Muzzio (Director, C-SOPS, Rutgers University)

Review of C-SOPS and Broader Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Updated 2020 Vision

  • Membership Program: Douglas B. Hausner (Associate Director, C-SOPS, Rutgers University)

C-SOPS Membership Program Updates

  • New members

  • Upcoming programs and meetings

  • Ways to get your organization involved

  • C-SOPS Technical Research 2017: Rex Reklatis (Deputy Director, C-SOPS, Purdue University)

  • Working Lunch with C-SOPS Industrial Discussion Groups for 2017



For questions, comments, or assistance of any type contact C-SOPS at or 848-445-6709/ 848-445-6710

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