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Come join us as C-SOPS introduces NJCMI 

(The New Jersey Continuous Manufacturing Institute)


We have expanded the Fall 2017 Industry Meeting program to a second day and added in a number of exciting features to bring the community up to date on C-SOPS activites.


The focus of the first day is on solid dose continuous manufacturing (CM). Come take part in a mini course designed to introduce the basics of CM. This mini course provides a general introduction to overall product and process design, implementation, control and regulatory considerations when venturing into continuous manufacturing. We also have an exciting line up of presentations including highlights on the CM activities happening with the direct compression line at Rutgers as well as integration of process and unit operation modeling.


On the 17th, please join us as we introduce the soon-to-be launched New Jersey Continuous Manufacturing Institute (NJCMI) as we add continuous biological systems into our fold.  NJCMI is a collaboration between Rutgers University and The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII), a New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) corporation focused on driving economic cluster development, entrepreneurship and enterprise expansion. NJCMI will focus on helping companies implement CM systems for solid dose as well as biological systems.

Program Highlights

Oct 16, Monday

  • Mini-Course: Introduction to Continuous Solid Dose Manufacturing - suitable products, main equipment types, overall requirements for product and process design, implementation, PAT and Control, regulatory considerations, and more 

- Fernando J. Muzzio and the C-SOPS Team


  • FDA Speaker Invited Talk: 

- Xiaochuan (Ben) Yang, FDA/CDER/OPQ/SS

  • Project Highlights: C-SOPS sponsored research in Continuous Solid Dose Manufacturing - presentations on the extension of test bed-1, integrated process modeling as well as Industrial and FDA Activity

- C-SOPS Team


  • Reception and Poster Session - time to network with students and technology vendors 


Oct 17, Tuesday 

  • The New Jersey Continuous Manufacturing Institute (NJCMI) – Activities will include product and process development, materials characterization, technology demonstration, training, and much more.


  • Parallel Workshops:

    • Process Modeling

    • Material Characterization for Solid Dose

    • Oral Strip Films

    • Continuous Bioprocessing

    • Sensing and Control

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Meeting Agenda 

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Directions & Parking

Event Venue:

Busch Campus Center

Rutgers University
604 Bartholomew Road
Piscataway, New Jersey 08854

Information desk phone: (848) 445-4724

Event registration starts at 8 AM in front of the Multipurpose room (MPR) in Busch Campus Center (BSC).

Visitor Parking:

Visitors can park in lots 51, 59, 60B and 67 without permits.

How to get to Busch Campus Center:

From New Jersey Turnpike (North or South)

  • Take Exit 9. Bear right out of the toll plaza, following signs for "Route 18 North - New Brunswick"
    Expect rush hour delays at toll plaza and on Route 18 through New Brunswick.

  • Merge left onto Route 18 North. Continue over the Raritan River on the John Lynch Bridge toward the Busch Campus (approx. 4 miles total)

  • Take the "Campus Road - Busch Campus" exit

  • Proceed to the traffic circle, and take the first right out of the circle onto Bartholomew Road (may not be marked). Keep the chain link fence on your right

  • At the 4-way stop, continue straight on Bartholomew Road, crossing Brett Rd.

  • At the top of the hill, turn right into a large parking lot (lot #51), across the street from the Busch Campus Center

  • Enter the front of the Busch Campus Center. The event registration is straight ahead behind the information desk and down the stairs

From Garden State Parkway (North and South)

Southbound - coming from northern New Jersey

  • Take Exit 129 for the New Jersey Turnpike and head south

  • Follow directions to campus from the NJ Turnpike (see left)

Northbound - coming from southern New Jersey

  • Take Exit 105 and follow signs for Route 18 North

  • After approx. 24 miles, pass the entrance for the NJ Turnpike and continue on Route 18 North

  • Follow directions to campus from the NJ Turnpike

From Route 1 (North and South)

  • Take exit marked "Route 18 North - New Brunswick" then follow directions from the New Jersey Turnpike

From Route 287 (North and South)

  • Take Exit 9 for "Bound Brook/Highland Park"

  • Proceed East on River Road toward Highland Park. Shortly after the third traffic light, turn left onto Sutphen Road.

  • Turn left at the 4-way stop (stadium on your right) onto Bartholomew Road (may not be marked)

  • At the traffic circle, take the second right out of the circle to continue on Bartholomew Road

  • At the 4-way stop, continue straight on Bartholomew Road, crossing Brett Rd.

  • At the top of the hill, turn right into a large parking lot (lot #51), across the street from the Busch Campus Center

  • Enter the front of the Busch Campus Center. The event registration is straight ahead behind the information desk and down the stairs.

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Transport & Hotel information

Local taxi services:

Victory Taxi

(732) 545-6666







Gem Limousine

Toll Free: 800.223.1161

Local: 732.596.0900


Hotel Information

The Heldrich

10 Livingston Avenue

New Brunswick, NJ 08901 Phone: 732.729.4670







Hyatt Regency New Brunswick

2 Albany St,

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

(732) 873-1234

Some More Suggested Hotels:

Extended Stay America, Rutgers University,

410 South Randolphville Road,

Piscataway, NJ 08854

Tel: (732) 235-1000

University Inn B&B (walking distance)

(732) 932-9144

Radisson Hotel Piscataway-Somerset

21 Kingsbridge Road,

Piscataway NJ 08854, USA

Reservations: +1 (800) 967-9033 

Telephone: +1 (732) 980-0400

Residence Inn Somerset, Somerset

(732) 627-0881

Somerset Marriott, Somerset

(732) 560-0500

Ramada Inn, East Brunswick (Very Close)

(732) 828-6900

Comfort Suites North Brunswick, North Brunswick

(732) 297-7400 

Studio 6, East Brunswick

(732) 238-3330 $50.00/night

Hilton Hotel, East Brunswick (Tower Blvd)

(732) 828-2000 for information

1-800-445-8667 for reservations

Airport Information:


Newark International Airport (Code EWR) is the closest airport to Rutgers University, about a 40-minute train or car ride to New Brunswick, NJ. Philadelphia International Airport (code PHL) is about 1¼ hours from Rutgers, but there is no direct train route to New Brunswick.


Train Information:


If coming from New York City or Newark Airport, take the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line train and exit at the New Brunswick station. You can then order a taxi to your hotel.

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Poster List:

Research Poster Title

  1. Predicting Loss-in-weight Feeder's feedrate deviation caused by hopper refill based on material flow properties

  2. Effect of liquid addition on the bulk and flow properties of porous catalyst materials

  3. Design Space for K-Tron Feeders based on CPP and CMA

  4. Lubrication in tubular blenders

  5. Comparing the performance of continuous blenders

  6. Characterization of Abuse Deterrent Formulations using PEO by Hot Melt Extrusion

  7. Advanced Model Predictive control of powder level in continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing process

  8. Combined Feedforward/Feedback Control of an Integrated Continuous Granulation Process.

  9. Modelling and Control of a Tablet Compaction Unit

  10. Implementation of an advanced model predictive control system into continuous pharmaceutical tablet compaction process.

  11. Advanced Model Predictive Feedforward/Feedback Control of a Tablet Press.

  12. 3D Raman Imaging: Effect of lubrication on the microstructure of tablets in a Continuous Direct Compaction Line

  13. Feeder Modeling based on Material Properties: Flow Rate and RTD

  14. Blender Modelig based on Material Properties: Flow Rate and RTD

  15. Prediction of Dissolution Profiles by Non-destructive Near infrared Spectroscopy in Tablets Manufactured by Direct Compaction

  16. Co-impregnation of Two Drugs Using a Fluidized Bed Dryer

  17. Continuous Impregnation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) using GCG-70 Blender

  18. Correlation of  material feeding behavior to raw material  properties 

  19. Updating of NIR calibration models for physical properties in continuous granulation 

  20. Integrating Sensors for Monitoring Blend Content in a Pharmaceutical Continuous  Manufacturing Plant

  21. Automated, Quick and Non-destructive testing of Pharmaceutical tablets

  22. Studying tablet microstructure using Raman Imaging

  23. Droplet penetration technique to measure powder wettability

  24. Detecting Failure Modes in Continuous Pharmaceutical Direct Compaction

  25. An intelligent sampling approach to the design space characterization of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

  26. Incorporation of material traceability into real-time process monitoring for continuous manufacturing

  27. Continuous Fluidized Bed Drying for Pharmaceuticals

  28. Spray Drying of Griseofulvin Nanosuspensions and Solutions for Preparation of Nanocomposites and Amorphous Solid  Dispersions: Comparative Assessment of Drug Release

  29. Engineered excipients for improved functional properties of fine grade microcrystalline cellulose

  30. Impact of mixing process parameters on CQAs of strip films

  31. Estimation of adhesive mixing efficiency via energy-based stick/bounce model

  32. Comparing solution casting and particle engineering based slurry casting for preparing thin polymeric films containing poorly water-soluble drugs

  33. Convective Drying Kinetics of Polymer Strip Films

  34. Development of an empirical model to predict the mean residence time in a tablet press feeder 

  35. Assessing selectivity for NIR models through complementary approaches

  36. Solid Oral Dosage Form Manufacturing Using Injection Moulding  

  37. Inkjet Printing of Oral Dosage Forms to Solubilise BCS Class II Drugs

  38. Quantification of lubrication and particle size distribution effects on tensile strength and stiffness of tablets

  39. Comparison of Solvent and Slurry Casted Films

Industry Poster Title

  1. Estimation of components in multi-component powder mixtures using portable NIR sensors – comparisons between linear and machine learning approaches.

  2. Continuous film coating as an alternative to a batch coating operation


  • Tianyi Li

  • TBD

  • James Scicolone

  • Sara Moghtadernejad 

  • Sara Moghtadernejad 

  • Golshid Keyvan

  • Ravendra Singh

  • Ravendra Singh

  • Ravendra Singh

  • Ravendra Singh

  • Ravendra Singh

  • Shashwat Gupta

  • Sebastian Escotet 

  • Sebastian Escotet 

  • John & Thamer

  • Rhea & Thamer

  • Thamer Omer

  • Zhanjie Liu

  • Andrés Román Ospino

  • Jingzhe Li

  • Savitha Panikar

  • Savitha Panikar

  • Gerardo Callegari

  • Gerardo Callegari

  • Zilong Wang

  • Ravendra Singh

  • Hao Chen

  • Md Mahbubur Rahman


  • Liang Chen

  • Guluzar Gorkem 

  • Kai Zhang

  • Lu Zheng


  • Eylül Cetindag

  • Nobel Sierra

  • Vanessa Cárdenas

  • Sarahjane Wood

  • Alice Turner

  • Sonia M. Razavi

  • John Pentangelo


  • Optimal Solutions, Inc.


  • Driam USA, Inc.

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Need more details? 

For additional details on events and registration, contact us.

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