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Center facilities at NJIT comprise of the 1,500 sq. ft. of laboratory space with full ventilation and wet lab facilities for housing novel particle processing instruments. The main space is dedicated to Test Bed 2, a closed-loop continuous oral film manufacturing facility that focuses on thin-film drug delivery systems that offer many advantages such as ease of delivery and patient compliance. Research focuses on techniques for forming precisely controlled release profiles that exploit particle engineering for direct incorporation of API particles into three-dimensional edible substrates which are about 100 microns thick.


In addition, NJIT partner faculties have access to the New Jersey Center for Engineered Particulates (NJCEP) laboratories, the Particle Engineering Laboratory as well as NJIT’s Material Characterization Laboratory (MCL). 


Processing and testing equipment at the PI’s NJCEP includes SEA inverse gas chromatography (IGC), various dissolution testers, disintegration tester, Rodos/Helos dry powder sizer, Delsa Nano C particle size and zeta potential analyzer, several powder characterization equipment for powder flowability measurements, Carver press, fluid energy mill, magnetically assisted impaction coater, a comil high-speed delumping system, V-blender, near infrared spectrometer, a rotating fluidized bed coater, and a Hosakawa Micron Mechanofusion device, Netzsch wet stirred media mill, Procept spray dryer, Brookfield viscometer, Mettler Toledo thermogravimetric analyzer and polymer differential scanning calorimeter, Coulter LS13320 particle size analyzer, Sigma force tensiometer, and a Karl Fisher titrator for moisture content measurements.


MCL is a common facility located in the same building with the PI’s laboratory, which makes it convenient to use. MCL includes scanning electron microscope with electron dispersive X-ray spectroscope (SEM-EDS), atomic force microscopy (AFM), Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area analyzer, X-ray diffractometer, high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), and Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer (FTIR). Additionally PI also has no-fee access to EZ Raman coupled to a near-infrared laser emitting at 785 nm and a goniometer with a high speed camera.

List of Equipment:

1.    Fisher Vortex Mixer
2.    Microclimate
3.    IKA RO 15 Magnetic stirrer
4.    Branson B1510
5.    SP-230 Gilson Spinning Riffler
6.    THINKY Mixer
7.    Mettler Compact Karl Fisher Coulometer, C30
8.    EvolutionTM 60S
9.    Waters 2695 Separation Module
10.    DT2 Manual Disintegration Tester
11.    MAIC
12.    Quadro Comil
13.    Fluid Energy Mill
14.    LabRam
15.    Sirius SDI (Surface Dissolution Imager) 
16.    Netzsch  Microcer Recicrulation Mill
17.    Micros Batch Mill
18.    Sonication Probes
19.    Procept Spray Dryer
20.    Thermo Twin Screw Extruder
21.    Mini Glatt FB Coater
22.    Buchi Mini Spray Dryer
23.    HED  Film Casting Line
24.    Convective/Microwave Drier
25.    Patterson Kelley V-Blender
26.    Supercritical Fluid System
27.    Carver Tablet Press
28.    Sieve Shaker
29.    Hybridizer
30.    Sonication Probes
31.    Beckman-LS13320 Particle Size Analyzer
32.    Malvern Spraytec Laser Diffraction System 
33.    Delsa Nano C
34.    Hosokawa Powder Tester
35.    IGC SEA surface energy analysis
36.    FT4 Powder Tester
37.    Sotax Td1
38.    TGA/DSC1/SF Stare system
39.    TA-XT Plus Texture Analyzer
40.    Polymer DSC , TGA/DSC1/SF Stare system
41.    Keyence VH -2500 
42.    SOTAX AT7 Smart Dissolution System
43.    Distek 2100C USP II Apparatus
44.    Sotax CE7 smart
45.    Brookfield viscometer
46.    Micron Air Jet Sieve 
47.    Sympatec Rodos-Helos
48.    Flowdex
49.    Attension optical tensiometer

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