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Research Education for Undergraduates (REU) Program

The main objective of this program is to provide opportunities for undergraduate students to work with university faculty on innovative, relevant, discovery-based projects. The students work under the guidance of the faculty, post-docs, and graduate students. The students also work side by side with high school teachers (RET program) and help postdoctoral candidates in training these teachers, which gives them an excellent mentorship opportunity.


The undergraduate students are assigned short projects for duration of six weeks. These students are given the necessary training by their mentors (either graduate students or postdoctoral candidates) before the start of the projects. At the end of the six week period the students are asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation to assess their understanding of the project. A few of these students are also able to contribute towards journal articles.

For more information please email Doug Hausner.


Few things in life are more exciting than inventing something new. Moreover, the experience is mind-changing. The sense of fulfillment and confidence one gets from engaging in the creative process, when experienced repeatedly, becomes profoundly addictive – successful inventors tend to be life-long inventors.

The Young Inventor Competition is how these life-long inventors can be cultivated by providing young minds with the necessary resources to essentially remove the physical and economic limitations imposed on an otherwise, brilliant innovation.

This competition aims to harness the creativity of a young generation and provide the top three innovators the opportunity to work with a Rutgers graduate or post-doc student towards the completion and patenting of said invention.

Learn more about this incredible opportunity at or by contacting Doug Hausner.

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