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In Mayaguez, C-SOPS and the University of Puerto Rico built a dedicated 7,000 sq. ft. laboratory and office space devoted to training and industry-based research. This facility, named "C-SOPS-UPR", has now been completed and supports research by five faculty members from three different campuses.


The facility has 2,000 sq. feet for pharmaceutical operations (mixing, drying, compaction, etc.), 700 sq. ft. for analytical testing and another 1,200 sq. ft. for computer simulation and process control.

List of Equipment:

Combined, the laboratories contain a wide spectrum of measurement devices and solids-processing equipment typically found in most major pharmaceutical companies for the formulation of new products:

  1. MALVERN SyNIRgy NIR-Chemical Imaging

  2. Kaiser Raman RXN-1 RAMAN Spectrometer (Phat Probe – MR Probe)

  3. Micromeritics AccuPyc II 1340

  4. Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator, Model: Metrohm 870 KF Titrino Plus

  5. Thermo Scientific Evolution 60S UV-VIS Spectrometer

  6. Bruker Optiks Multi-Purpose Analyzer FT-NIR Spectrometer

  7. Matrix-F FT-NIR Online Analyzer

  8. Patterson-Kelly Blendmaster C438008

  9. Fette 3090 Tablet Press Feed frame

  10. VanKel Varian TAP density Tester

  11. BINDER ED-115 Drying Oven With Natural Convection

  12. RiceLake TA-120 Analytical Balance (120g – 0.0001g)

  13. OHAUS Analytical Plus 250D Balance (210g – 0.0001g)

  14. VWR Vacuum Oven 1400E

  15. Controlled Humidity Environments

  16. Olympus CX31 Polarized light Microscope with Infinity 2 Camera.

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