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Continuous pharmaceutical processing offers opportunities for improved efficiency, adaptability, and quality control. Having developed the first fully-enabled continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing system in academia, C-SOPS has the ability to offer feasibility testing and process design services. Multi-disciplinary research teams, working with industry partners, adopt the methods, equipment, and control strategies needed to conduct trials of their client’s APIs and excipients.

Our researchers are pursuing continuous manufacturing, an alternative approach to traditional batch processing. Our focus is the adaptation of various unit operations into a continuous mode: blending, lubrication, wet and dry granulation, direct compaction, capsule filling, coating, and tableting of dry powders and granules. The success of the continuous manufacturing operation has generated considerable industry attention.

Some of the areas we offer process development services are listed below:

  • Feasibility of Continuous Manufacturing

  • Product/Process Development for Continuous Manufacturing

  • Formulation Development

  • Analytical Method Development:

    • NIR

    • Dissolution

    • Sampling

  • Pharmaceutical Process Optimization

Need more details? 

For additional details on services offered by C-SOPS, contact us.

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