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Characterizing solid particle properties is the initial step in developing engineering methods to design, optimize, and control the manufacturing process. To achieve desired powder behaviors, we first need to measure those attributes which can forecast their performance under a range of conditions.

At C-SOPS, researchers utilize an array of commercial as well as developmental analytical equipment to do just that. One such device which is not currently commercially available is the GDR, or Gravitational Displacement Rheometer, which was developed by Rutgers University. The GDR measures the cohesive properties and dilated density of a powder, measurements which predict the powder flow attributes and can assist the engineer in developing the optimal process parameters.

This is just one of the many state-of-the-art tools available to investigate pharmaceutical product properties. Some of the other testing capabilities offered are shown, all of which have been proven effective in unravelling critical processing dilemmas.


Some of the material properties we measure are listed below:

  • Cohesiveness

  • Flow

  • Density

  • Electrostatics

  • Hydrophobicity

  • Compressibility

  • Particle Size & Size Distribution

  • Shear Sensitivity of Powders

  • Segregation and Blendability

  • Coating Uniformity

  • Dissolution

  • Sprayability

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