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Below is a list of every paper/ book chapter published with the help of C-SOPS by year. If you require further assistance with locating an article, please contact Doug Hausner.

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Journal Papers

  1. Abbou Oucherif, K, Raina, S, Taylor, LS, Litster, JD, Quantitative Analysis of the Inhibitory Effect of HPMC on Felodipine Crystallization Kinetics Using Population Balance Modeling, Crystal Engineering Communications; featured on the front cover, DOI: 10.1039/C2CE26490K

  2. Acevedo, A., Takhistov, P., Pinzón de la Rosa, C., & Florian, V. (2014). Thermal Gelation of Aqueous Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Solutions with SDS and Hydrophobic Drug Particles, Carbohydrate Polymers, 102, 74-79,

  3. Afolabi, A., Akinlabi, O., Bilgili, E., A1, Impact of Process Parameters on the Breakage Kinetics of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs during Wet Media Milling: A Microhydrodynamic View, Volume 51, 2014, Pages 75–86, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, doi: 10.1016/j.ejps.2013.09.002. Epub 2013 Sep 12.

  4. Akseli, I; Abebe, A; Sprockel, O; Cuitino, AM, Associated Project - Energetic Mechanistic characterization of bilayer tablet formulations, POWDER TECHNOLOGY, DOI:10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.048 

  5. Austin, J., Gupta, A., McDonnell, R., Reklaitis, G.V., Harris, M.T., The Use of Near-Infrared and Microwave Resonance Sensing to Monitor a Continuous Roller Compaction Process, Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Vol 102(6);1895-1904, 08/2013/J. Pharm. Sci./ (2013), 10.1002/jps.23536.

  6. Austin, J., Harris, M.T., In-Situ Monitoring of the Bulk Density and the Moisture Content of Rapidly Flowing Microcrystalline Cellulose Using a Microwave Resonance Sensor, IEEE Sensors, /IEEE Sensors/ (2013), 10.1109/JSEN.2013.2287991

  7. Austin, J., Rodriquez, S., Sung, P.F., and Harris, M.T., Using Microwaves for the Determination of Moisture Content Independent of Density, Powder Technology, /Powder Technology/ (2013), 10.1016/j.powtec.2012.06.039.

  8. Azad, M., Afolabi, A., Patel, N., Dave, R., Bilgili, E., A1, A8, Preparation of Stable Colloidal Suspensions of Superdisintegrants via Wet Stirred Media Milling, 2013, Particuology, doi: 10.1016/j.partic.2013.07.008

  9. Azad, M.A., Knieke, C., To, D., Davé, R., A8, Preparation of Concentrated Stable Fenofibrate Suspensions via Liquid Antisolvent Precipitation, 0 (2013): 1-11, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, doi:10.3109/03639045.2013.842580

  10. Baird, J.A., Thomas, L.C., Aubuchon, S.R. and Taylor, L. S., C1, Evaluating the Non-isothermal Crystallization Behavior of Organic Molecules from the Undercooled Melt State using Rapid Heat\Cool alorimetry, Crystal Engineering Comm., CrystEngComm. 15(1):111-119, DOI: 10.1039/C2CE26448J

  11. Barraso, D., Oka, S., Muliadi, A., Litster, J., Wassgren, C., Ramachandran, R., Project B4, Population balance model validation and prediction of CQAs for continuous milling processes: Toward QbD in pharmaceutical drug product manufacturing, 2013, Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 147 – 162, 10.1007/s12247-013-9155-0

  12. Barrasso, D., and Ramachandran, R., B7, Multi-component population balance modeling of continuous granulation processes: a parametric study and comparison with experimental trends, Powder Technology, Volume 241, June 2013, Pages 85–97,

  13. Beck, A., Sievens-Figueroa, L., Gärtner, K., Jerez-Rozo, J. I., Romañach, R. J., Bilgili, E., Davé, R. N., A1, A8, Effects of Stabilizers on Particle Redispersion and Dissolution from Polymer Strip Films Containing Liquid Antisolvent Precipitated Griseofulvin Particles, Volume 236, 2013, Pages 37–51. Powder Technology,

  14. Beck, A., Sievens-Figueroa, L., Gärtner, K., Jerez-Rozo, J.I., Romañach, R.J., Michniak-Kohn, B., Bilgili, E, and Davé, R.N., Thrust A, Development of films containing griseofulvin microparticles produced via liquid antisolvent precipitation, Powder Technology, 236 (2013) 37–51, Powder Technology, doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.047 

  15. Bhakay, A, Azad, M., Bilgili, E., Dave, R., A1, A8, Redispersible Fast Dissolving Nanocomposite Microparticles of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs, 2013, DOI:10.1016/j.ijpharm.2013.11.059, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2013.11.059

  16. Bhakay, A., Azad, M., Vizzotti, E., Dave, R., Bilgili, E., A1, A8, Enhanced Recovery and Dissolution of Griseofulvin Nanoparticles from Surfactant-Free Nanocomposite Microparticles Incorporating Wet-Milled Swellable Dispersants, 2013, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, doi: 10.3109/03639045.2013.831442

  17. Blau, G., Orcun,S., Lainez, J.M., Suvannasankha, A., Fausel, C., Anaissie, E.J.,  Reklaitis, G.V.R., D4, Validation of a Novel Approach for Dose Individualization in Pharmacotherapy Using Gabapentin in a Proof of Principles Studey, Pharmacotherapy Vol.33(7);727-735, 07/2013, DOI:10.1002/phar.1267

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  19. Bose, S., Du, Y., Takhistov, P., Michniak-Kohn, B., Formulation optimization and topical delivery of quercetin from solid lipid based nanosystems, Int. J. Pharmaceutics (2013), 441, 56-66. doi: 10.1016/j.ijpharm.2012.12.013. Epub 2012 Dec 20.

  20. Boukouvala, F., Chaudhury, A., Sen, M., Zhou, R., Mioduszewski, L., Ierapetritou, M., Ramachandran, R., D-5, Computer-Aided Flowsheet Simulation of a Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing Process Incorporating Wet Granulation. Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, 8, 11, 2013, 10.1007/s12247-012-9143-9.

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  22. Boukouvala, F., Ierapetritou, M., D-5, Surrogate-Based Optimization of Expensive Flowsheet Modeling for Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation. DOI:10.1007/s12247-013-9154-1

  23. Capece, M., Barrows, J., Davé, R., A1, Controlled Release of Dry-polymer Coated Microparticles, Submitted Dec. 2013, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 

  24. Capece, M., Dave, R., A1, Solventless Polymer Coating of Microparticles, Powder Technology, Submitted Aug.2013, Powder Technology

  25. Capece, M., Dave, R., Bilgili, E., A1, Formulation of a Physically Motivated Breakage Rate Parameter for Dry Ball Milling via the Discrete Element Method, Submitted June 2013, Revision submitted Dec. 2013, AIChE Journal

  26. Capece, M., Dave, R., Bilgili, E., A1, Influence of Non-Linear Breakage Kinetics on the Attainment of Self-Similarity for Dry Milling Processes, Volume 97, 2013, Pages 96–107. Chemical Engineering Science, 

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  30. Chaudhury, A., Kapadia, A., Barrasso, D., Prakash, A.V., and Ramachandran, R., B7/D5, An Extended Cell-average Technique for Multi-Dimensional Population Balance Models describing Aggregation and Breakage, Advanced Powder Technology, Volume 24, Issue 6, November 2013, Pages 962–971,

  31. Chaudhury, A., Oseledets, I., Ramachandran, R., B7/D5, A computationally efficient technique for the solution of multi-dimensional PBMs of granulation via tensor decomposition, Computers & Chemical Engineering, Volume 61, 11 February 2014, Pages 234–244,

  32. Chaudhury, A., Wu, H., Khan, M., Ramachandran, R., B7/D5, A mechanistic population balance model for granulation processes: Effect of process and formulation parameters, Chemical Engineering Science, Volume 107, 7 April 2014, Pages 76–92,

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  34. Dalvi, S., Azad, M., Davé, R.N., Thrust A, Precipitation and Stabilization of Ultrafine Particles of Fenofibrate in Aqueous Suspensions by RESOLV, 236 (2013) 75–84, Powder Technology, doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.038

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  36. Deng, X., Davé, R.N., A6, Dynamic simulation of particle packing influenced by size, aspect ratio and surface energy, Granular Matter (2013), special issue, Page 1-15. Granular Matter, DOI 10.1007/s10035-013-0413-0

  37. El Hagrasy A.S., Cruise P., Jones, I., and Litster, J. D., B7, In-line Size Monitoring of a Twin Screw Granulation Process Using High-Speed Imaging, Pharm Innov, DOI 10.1007/s12247-013-9149-y

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