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Below is a list of every paper/ book chapter published with the help of C-SOPS by year. If you require further assistance with locating an article, please contact Doug Hausner.

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Journal Papers

  1. Baird, J. A. and Taylor, L.S. (2012) Evaluation of Amorphous Solid Dispersion Properties using Thermal Analytical Techniques. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 64(5):396-421.

  2. Baird, J. A., Santiago-Quinonez, D., Rinaldi, C. and Taylor, L. S. (2012). Role of Viscosity in Influencing the Glass-forming Ability of Organic Molecules from the Undercooled Melt State. Pharm. Res. 29(1):271-284

  3. Balachandran, D.K. and Beaudoin, S.P. “Particle Shape and Roughness Characterization by Focused Ion Beam Tomography for Adhesion Simulation,” Powder Technology, in revision, (2012).

  4. Balachandran, D.K., Jallo, L., Davé, R.N. and Beaudoin, S.P. “Adhesion of dry nano-coated microparticles to stainless steel: A physical interpretation,” Powder Technology, 226, 1-9 (2012).

  5. Bhakay, E. Bilgili, R. Davé. “Recovery of BCS Class II Drug Nanoparticles from Core-shell Type Nanocomposite Particles Produced via Fluidized Bed Coating.” Powder Technol., doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2011.12.066, (2012).

  6. Bhat, P.P., S. Appathurai, M. T.  Harris, M. Pasquali, and O. A. Basaran, “On self-similarity in the drop-filament corner region formed during pinch-off of viscoelastic fluids.”  Phys. Fluids, 24, 083101 (2012); doi: 10.1063/1.4745179.

  7. Barrasso, D. and Ramachandran, R., “A comparison of model order reduction techniques for a four-dimensional population balance model describing multi-component wet granulation processes,” Chemical Engineering Science, 80, 380-392, 2012.

  8. Beck, C., Sievens, L., Gärtner, K., Jerez-Rozo, J., Romañach, R. Michniak, B., Bilgili, E., Davé, R., “Development of Films Containing Griseofulvin Microparticles using Liquid Antisolvent Precipitation.” Powder Technol., doi: 10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.047, (2012).

  9. Bilgili, E., A. Afolabi. “A Combined Microhydrodynamics–Polymer Adsorption Analysis for Elucidation of the Roles of Stabilizers in Wet Stirred Media Milling,” Int. J. Pharm., under review (2012).

  10. Bilgili, E., M. Capece. “A Rigorous Breakage Matrix Methodology for Characterization of Multi-Particle Interactions in Dense-Phase Particle Breakage,” Chem. Eng. Res. Des., 90, 1177–1188 (2012).

  11. Boukouvala, F., M.G. Ierapetritou. Feasibility analysis of black-box processes using an adaptive sampling kriging-based method. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 36, p. 358, 2012.

  12. Boukouvala, F., R. Ramachandran, A. Dubey, A. Vanarase, F.J. Muzzio, M.G. Ierapetritou. Computational approaches for studying the granular dynamics of continuous blending processes - II: Population balance and data-based methods, Macromolecular Materials Engineering, 297(1), p. 9, 2012.

  13. Boukouvala, F., V. Niotis, R. Ramachandran, A. Vanarase, F.J. Muzzio, M.G. Ierapetritou. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 42, p. 30, 2012

  14. Braido, D., Gulak, Y., Cuitino, A., Solvent penetration rate in tablet measurement using video image processing. AAPS PharmSciTech, 2012; 13(2): 507-12.

  15. Capece, M., R. Dave, E. Bilgili, “A Rational Function Approximation to the Effectiveness Factor for Multi-Particle Interactions in Dense-Phase Dry Milling,” Powder Technol., 230, 67–76, (2012).

  16. Dalvi, S., Mohammad Azad, Rajesh N. Davé, “Precipitation and Stabilization of Ultrafine Particles of Fenofibrate in Aqueous Suspensions by RESOLV,” Powder Technology, Special Issue: Pharmaceutical Powders, accepted and online May 2012 (submitted January 2012), doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.038.

  17. Dubey, A., F. Boukouvala, G. Keyvan, R. Hsia, K. Saranteas, D. Brone, M. G. Ierapetritou and F. J. Muzzio. Improving coating uniformity in pharmaceutical tablets: A QbD approach. AAPS Journal, 2012 Mar; 13(1):231-46. doi: 10.1208/s12249-011-9723-x. Epub 2012 Jan 10.

  18. Eerdenbrugh, V., B. and Taylor, L. S. (2012). Molecular Weight Effects on the Miscibility Behavior of Dextran and Maltodextrin with Poly(vinylpyrrolidone). Pharmaceutical Research.

  19. Eerdenbrugh, V., B., Lo, M., Kjoller, K., Marcott, C. and Taylor, L.S. (2012) Nanoscale Mid-Infrared Evaluation of the Miscibility Behavior of Blends of Dextran or Maltodextrin with Poly(vinylpyrrolidone). Molecular Pharmaceutics. 9(5):1459-1469.

  20. Eerdenbrugh, V., B., Lo, M., Kjoller, K., Marcott, C. and Taylor, L.S. (2012) Nanoscale Mid-Infrared Imaging of Phase Separation in a Drug-Polymer Blend. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 101(6):2066-2073.

  21. El Hagrasy, A.S., J.R. Hennenkamp, M.D. Burke, J.J. Cartwright and J.D. Litster. Twin screw granulation: Influence of formulation parameters on granule properties and growth behavior. Powder Technol., doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2012.04.035, 2012.

  22. Elele, E., Shen, Y., Susarla, R., Khusid, B., Keyvan, G., Michniak-Kohn, B., “Electrodeless electrohydrodynamic drop-on-demand encapsulation of drugs into porous polymer films for fabrication of personalized dosage units,” Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 101(7), 2523-2533, 2012     

  23. Gao, Y., M. Ierapetritou, F. Muzzio, Periodic Section Modeling of Convective Continuous Powder Mixing Processes. AIChE Journal. 58 (2012) 69-78

  24. Ghoroi, C., Han, X., To, D., Jallo, L., Gurumurthy, L. and Davé, R.N., “Dispersion of ultrafine powders through surface modification or rapid expansion,” Chemical Engineering Science, Special Issue (Ed. F. Saito), Available online 13 March 2012

  25. Jaiswal, R.P. and Beaudoin, S.P., “Approximate Scheme for Calculating van der Waals Interactions between Finite Cylindrical Volume Elements,” Langmuir, 28 (22), 8359-8370 (2012).

  26. Jallo, L.J., Ghoroi, C., Gurumurthy, L., Patel, U., Davé, R.N., 2012. Improvement of flow and bulk density of pharmaceutical powders using surface modification. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 423, 213-225.

  27. Kilroy, C., Jaiswal, R. and Beaudoin, S., “Adhesion of Contaminant Particles to Advanced Photomask Materials”, in press, IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 25 (1), 37 - 44 (2012). 

  28. Luczak, A., Jallo, L., Davé, R., and Iqbal, Z. “Polymorph stabilization in processed acetaminophen powders,” Powder Technology, (2012) doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.046

  29. Monteiro, A. Afolabi, E. Bilgili. “Continuous Production of Drug Nanoparticle Suspensions via Wet Stirred Media Milling: A Fresh Look at the Rehbinder Effect,” Drug Dev. Ind. Pharm., doi:10.3109/03639045.2012.6760482012, (2012).

  30. Mendez R, Velazquez C, and Muzzio FJ., “Effect Of Feed Frame Design And Operating Parameters On Powder Attrition, Particle Breakage, And Powder Properties,” Powder Technology, Volume 229, October 2012, Pages 253–260

  31. Muliadi, A.R., Wassgren, C.R., and Litster, J.D., “Modeling the Roll Compaction Process: Comparison of 2-D Finite Element Method and the Rolling Theory for Granular Solids (Johanson Model),” Powder Technology, 2012, 221(1), pp. 90-100.

  32. Paulsen, J. D., J. C. Burton, S. R.  Nagel, S. Appathurai, M. T. Harris, and O. A. Basaran, “The initial regime of coalescence: the inexorable resistance of inertia.”  PNAS, 109(18), 6857-6861 (2012).

  33. Patlolla, A., Zunino III, J., Freckle, A. I., Iqbal, Z., “Thermochromism in Polydiacetylene-Metal Oxide Nanocomposites,” J. Mater. Chem., 22, 7028-7035 (2012) - (associated project) 

  34. Ramachandran, R., Arjunan, J., Chaudhury, A, Ierapetritou, M. (2012). Model-Based Control Loop Performance Assessment of a Continuous Direct Compaction Pharmaceutical Processes. J. Pharm. Innov., 6(3), 249-263.

  35. Ramachandran, R., Chaudhury, A. (2012). Model-based design and control of continuous drum granulation processes. Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 90(8), 1063-1073.

  36. Romanski FS, Dubey A, Chester AW, Tomassone MS., “Dry Catalyst Impregnation in a Double Cone Blender: A Computational and Experimental Analysis,” Powder Technology, Volume 221, May 2012, Pages 57–69.

  37. Sahay A, Brown M, Muzzio F, Takhistov P.  “Automated Drop-on-Demand System with Real-Time Gravimetric Control for Precise Dosage Formulation,” J Lab Autom. 2012 

  38. Sarkar, A., C. R. Wassgren, Comparison of flow microdynamics for a continuous granular mixer with predictions from periodic slice DEM simulations, Powder Technology, 221, (2012) 325-336

  39. Sievens-Figueroa, L., A. Bhakay, J. I. Jerez-Rozo, N. Pandya, R. J. Romañach, B. Michniak-Kohn, Z. Iqbal, E. Bilgili, R. N. Davé, “Preparation and Characterization of Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Films Containing Stable BCS Class II Drug Nanoparticles for Pharmaceutical Applications”, Int. J. Pharm., 423, 496–508 (2012).

  40. Singh, R., Boukouvala, F., Jayjock, E., Ramachandran, R. Ierapetritou, M., Muzzio, F. (2012). Flexible Multipurpose Continuous Processing. PharmPro Magazine, 28 June, 2012,

  41. Trasi NS, Taylor LS, Effect of additives on crystal growth and nucleation of amorphous flutamide, Crystal Growth and Design.12(6):3221-3230. (2012)

  42. Trasi, N. S. and Taylor, L. S. (2012), “Effect of Polymers on Nucleation and Crystal Growth of Amorphous Acetaminophen,” CrystEngComm. 14(16):5188-5197.

  43. Xiaorong H., Han, X., Ladyzhynsky, N., Deanne, R., “Assessing powder segregation potential by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and correlating segregation tendency to tabletting performance,” Powder Technology, Available online 12 May 2012, ISSN 0032-5910, 10.1016/j.powtec.2012.05.021.

  44. Zhu, Q., Harris, M.T., and Taylor, L.S., “Modification of Crystallization Behavior in Drug/Polyethylene Glycol Solid Dispersions,” Molecular Pharmaceutics, 9(3), 546-553  (2012).

  45. Zhu, W., Romanski, F. S., Dalvi, S., Davé, R. N., Tomassone, M. S., “Atomistic Simulations of Aqueous Griseofulvin Crystals in the Presence of Individual and Multiple Additives,” Chemical  Engineering Science, 73, January 2012, 218–230.

Books & Book Chapters

  1. R. Tiwari, P. Takhistov (2012) “Nanotechnology–enabled delivery systems for food functionalization and fortification” in Nanotechnology Research Methods for Food and Bioproducts p. 55-101

  2. R. D. Braatz, M. Fujiwara, Z. K. Nagy, T. Wubben, E. Rusli, Crystallization: Particle Size Control, J. Swarbrick (ed.), Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Fourth Edition, Volume 1, Informa Healthcare, USA, 2012, in press.

  3. Z. K. Nagy, M. Fujiwara, R. D. Braatz, Monitoring and advanced control of crystallization processes, D. Erdemir, A. Lee, A. Myerson (eds) Handbook of Industrial Crystallization, 3rd edition, Cambridge University Press, 2012.

  4. Alcalà, M., Blanco, M., Menezes, J. C., Felizardo, P. M., Garrido, A., Pérez, D., Zamora, E., Pasquini, C. and Romañach, R. J. 2012. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy in Laboratory and Process Analysis. Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry. Online ISBN: 9780470027318. DOI: 10.1002/9780470027318.a9361 

Publications from Associated Projects

  1. Akseli, I., Ladyzhynsky, N., Katz, J., He, X., “Development of predictive tools to assess capping tendency of tablet formulations,” Powder Technology,  

  2. Braido, D.; Gulak, Y.; Cuitino, A., “Solvent Penetration Rate in Tablet Measurement Using Video Image Processing,” AAPS PHARMSCITECH, 10.1208/s12249-012-9769-4. B, C

  3. Chen, Y., Mockus L., Orcun. S., Reklaitis, G.V.R., “Simulation-Optimization Approach to Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management with Demand Scenario Forecast, Comput. Chem. Engr. 40 pp. 82-96 (2012). D

  4. Chen, Y., Pekny, J., Reklaitis, G.V.R., “Risk Pooling Strategy in Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management,” I&EC Research (2012 in press), DOI: 10.1021/ie300823b. D

  5. Cychos, K. A., Guo, X., Cimino, R., Gor, G. Yu., Fan, W., Neimark, A. V., Tsapatsis, M., and Thommes, M., “Characterization of the Pore Structure of Ordered Carbons Using High Resolution Gas Sorption,” Langmuir, 2012, V.28, p. 12647-12654. A

  6. Dubey, A., Boukouvala, F., Keyvan, G., Hsia, R., Saranteas, K., Brone, D., Misra, T., Ierapetritou, M., Muzzio, F., “Improvement of Tablet Coating Uniformity Using a Quality by Design Approach,” AAPS PharmSciTech, Available online, Doi: 10.1208/s12249-011-9723-x. B, D 

  7. Freireich, B, Wassgren, C and Litster, JD, “A General Compartment-based Population Balance Model for Particle Coating and Layered Granulation,” AIChE J, 58(5), 1397–1408. A, B

  8. Gamble, J. F., Dave, R. N., Kiang, S., Leane, M. M., Tobyn, M., Wang, S. S.Y., “Investigating the applicability of inverse gas chromatography to binary powdered systems: An application of surface heterogeneity profiles to understanding preferential probe-surface interactions,” International Journal of Pharmaceutics, doi:10.1016/j.ijpharm.2013.01.061. A, C

  9. Gor, G. Yu., Thommes, M., Cychosz, K.A., and Neimark, A.V.,“Quenched Solid Density Functional Theory Method for Characterization of Mesoporous Carbons by Nitrogen Adsorption,” Carbon, 2012, V. 50, p. 1583-1590. A

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  11. He,X., Han, X., Ladyzhynsky N., Deann, R., “Assessing powder segregation potential by near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and correlating segregation tendency to tabletting performance, Powder Technology,

  12. Kayrak-Talay, D, Dale, S, Wassgren, CR and Litster, J.D., “Quality by design for wet granulation in pharmaceutical processing:  Assessing models for a priori design and scaling,” Powder Technology, 10.1016/j.powtec.2012.07.013. B

  13. Kilroy, C., Jaiswal, R., Beaudoin, S., “Adhesion of Contaminant Particles to Advanced Photomask Materials,” IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, DOI: 10.1109/TSM.2011.2176519. A

  14. Kottala, N.; Abebe, A.; Sprockel, O.; Bergum, J.; Nikfar, F.; Cuitino, A. M., “Evaluation of the performance characteristics of bilayer tablets: Part I. Impact of material properties and process parameters on the strength of bilayer tablets,” AAPS PharmSciTech, 10.1208/s12249-012-9845-9. B, C

  15. Kottala, N.; Abebe, A.; Sprockel, O.; Bergum, J.; Nikfar, F.; Cuitino, A. M., “Evaluation of the performance characteristics of bilayer tablets: Part II. Impact of environmental conditions on the strength of bilayer tablets,” AAPS PharmSciTech, 10.1208/s12249-012-9846-8. B, C

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  17. Li, J, Freireich, B, Wassgren, C and Litster, JD, “Experimental Validation of a 2-D Population Balance Model for Spray Coating Processes,” Chem Eng, SciDOI: 10.1016/j.ces.2012.02.036. B

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  19. Liu, LX, Raschid, A, Marziano, I, White, ET, Howes, T and Litster, JD, “Flowability of binary mixtures of commercial and reprocessed ibuprofen through high shear wet milling (HSWM) with lactose,” Advanced Powder Technology, 23(4), 454-458. A, B

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