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Below is a list of every paper/ book chapter published with the help of C-SOPS by year. If you require further assistance with locating an article, please contact Doug Hausner.

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Journal Papers

  1. Alcalà, M., Ropero, J., Vázquez, R., and Romañach, R.J., “Deconvolution Of Chemical And Physical Information From Intact Tablets NIR Spectra. Two- And Three-Way Multivariate Calibration Strategies For Drug Quantitation, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2009, 98(8), 2747 - 2758.

  2. Bai, G., and Armenante, P. M., “Hydrodynamic, Mass Transfer and Dissolution Effects Induced by Tablet Location during Dissolution Testing,” J. Pharm. Sci., 98(4): 1511-1531, 2009.

  3. Bhat, P. P., Paquall, M., Basaran, O. A., “Beads-on-string formation during filament pinch-off: dynamics with the PTT model for non-affine motion,”Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, Volume 159, Issues 1-3, June 2009, Pages 64-71.

  4. Chen, Y., Quintanilla, M. A. S., Yang, J., Valverde, J. M., and Dave, R. N., “Pull- off Force of Coated Fine Powders under Small Consolidation,” Physical Review E, Stat Nonlin Soft Matter Phys. 2009 Apr;79(4 Pt 1):041305. Epub 2009 Apr 14 

  5. Chen, Y., Yang, J., and Dave, R. N., “Fluidized Bed Film Coating of Cohesive Geldart Group C Powders,” Powder Technology, 189 (2009) 466–480.

  6. Chen, Y., Yang, J., Dave, R. N., and Pfeffer, R., “Granulation of Cohesive Geldart Group C Powders in a Mini-Glatt Fluidized Bed,” Powder Technology, 191 (2009) 206–217.

  7. Chowdhury, S. R., Chen, Y., Wang, Y., and Mitra, S., “Rapid Nanocomposite Synthesis Using Dispersed Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes as the Building Blocks,” J. of Matl. Sci. 44(5), 1245 (2009).

  8. Dalvi, S., and Davé, R. N., “Use of Ultrasound, Polymers and Surfactants to Control Particle Size of Griseofulvin by Antisolvent Precipitation,” Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 48 (16), pp 7581–7593, July 2009. DOI: 10.1021/ie900248f. 

  9. Davis, E., and Ierapetritou. M.G., “A Kriging Based Method for the Solution of Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programs Containing Black-Box Functions,” In press, Jl. Glob, Opt. 43, 191, 2009. 

  10. Deshpande, K.V., and Shapley, N.C., “Particle migration in oscillatory torsional flows of concentrated suspensions,” submitted to the Journal of Rheology, May 16, 2009. 

  11. Fichana, D., Marchut, A. J., Ohlsson, P. H., Chang, O., Lyngberg, S.Y., Dougherty, J., Kiang, S., Stamato, H., Chaudhuri, B., and Muzzio, F., “Experimental and Model Based Approaches to Studying Mixing in Coating Pans,” Pharmaceutical Development and Technology 14, 173 – 184 (2009).

  12. Jaiswal, R.; Kumar, G.; Kilroy, C.; and Beaudoin, S.; “Modeling and Validation of the van der Waals Force During the Adhesion of Nanoscale Objects to Rough Surfaces: A Detailed Description,” Langmuir, Vol. 25 No. 18, pp. 10612–10623, 2009.

  13. Jia, Z., Muzzio, F. and Ierapetritou, M.G., “Predictive Modeling for Mixing and Feeding Powder Processes using Kriging methodology,” J.Pharm. Innov. DOI 10.1007/s12247-009-9070-6, 2009.

  14. Joshi, V., Morris, K. R., Byrn, S. R., and Carvajal, M. T., “Evaluation of the Use of E-a(Activation Energy) as a Quantitative Indicator of Physical Stability of Indomethacin Solvates: Methanolate and Tertiary Butyl Alcohol Solvate,” Cryst. Growth Des., 2009, 9 (8), pp 3359–3366 DOI: 10.1021/cg800750g.

  15. Kim, B. and Beaudoin, S., “Electrochemical Analysis of Surface Films on Copper in Phosphoric Acid, with a Focus on Microelectronics Processing,” Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 156(5), H390-H395 (2009).

  16. Kimmel, H., Hirsch, L. S., Simon, L., Alexander, L. B., and Dave, R. N., “Implementing Concepts of Pharmaceutical Engineering into High School Science Classrooms,” Chemical Engineering Education, 43 (3), 187-193, Summer 2009.

  17. Kuriyan, K, A.C. Catlin and G.V. Reklaitis, “pharmaHUB: Building a Virtual Organization for Pharmaceutical Engineering and Science”, J Pharmaceutical Innovation, 2, Issue 2 (2009) available on line,

  18. Lainez, J.M., L. Puigjaner and G.V. Reklaitis, “Financial and Financial Engineering Considerations in Supply Chain and Product Pipeline Management,” Comput. & Chem Engr, 33, (2009)

  19. Lepek, D., Valverde, J.M., Pfeffer, R., Castellanos, A., Davé, R. N., “Enhanced Nanofluidization by Alternating Electric Fields,” AIChE Journal, July 2009. DOI: 10.1002/aic.11954

  20. Llusa, M., Levin, M., Snee, R.D., Muzzio, F. J., “Shear induced acetaminophen de-agglomeration,” Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2009; 35 (12) 1487–1495 (2009).

  21. Llusá, M.; Sturm, K.; Sudah, O.; Stamato, H.; Goldfarb, D.J.; Ramachandruni, H.; Hammond, S.; Smith, M.R.; Muzzio, F.J., “Effect of High Shear Blending Protocols and Blender Parameters on the Degree of API Agglomeration in Solid Formulations,” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,” 48, 93-101 (2009).

  22. Mehrotra, A., Chaudhuri, B., Faqih, A., Tomassone, M.S., and Muzzio, F.J., “A modeling approach for understanding effects of powder flow properties on tablet weight variabilit,” Powder Technology 188, 295-300 (2009).

  23. Meng, X., Chen, Y., Chowdhury, S. R., Yang, D., Mitra, S., “Stabilizing dispersions of hydrophobic drug molecules using cellulose ethers during anti- solvent synthesis of micro-particulates,” Colloids Surf. B: Biointerf. 70 (2009) 7– 14.

  24. Pingali, K. C., Hammond, S. V., Muzzio, F. J., and Shinbrot, T. “Use of a static eliminator to improve powder flow,” International Journal of Pharmaceutics 369, 2–4 (2009).

  25. Pingali, K. C., Shinbrot, T., Hammond, S. V., and Muzzio, F. J.,    “An observed correlation between flow and electrical properties of pharmaceutical blends,” Powder Technology 192, 157–165 (2009).

  26. Pingali, K.C., Saranteas, K., Foroughi, R. and Muzzio, F.J., “Practical methods for improving flow properties of active pharmaceutical ingredients,” Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 35 (12), 1460, (2009).

  27. Portillo, P.M, Ierapetritou, M.G., and Muzzio, F.J., “Effects of rotation rate, mixing angle, and cohesion in two continuous powder mixers—A statistical approach,” Powder Technology, 194, 217, 2009.

  28. Realpe, A., Velázquez, C., Obregón, L., “Agglomeration modeling of small and large particles by a diffusion theory approach” (p 1127-1134) Published Online: Apr 7 2009 1:44PM?DOI:10.1002/aic.11745; AIChE Journal.

  29. Ropero, J., Beach, L., Alcalà, M., Rentas, R., Davé, R. N., Romañach, R. J., “Near-infrared Spectroscopy for the In-line Characterization of Powder Voiding. Part I: Development of the Methodology,” Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation, submitted May 2009, accepted September 2009; DOI 10.1007/s12247-009-9069-z

  30. Sanganwar, G.P., Ermoline, A., Scicolone, J.V., Dave, R.N., and Gupta, R. B., “Environmentally Benign Nano-mixing by Sonication in Supercritical CO2,” Journal of Nanoparticle Research, Volume 11, Issue 2 (2009), pp 405-419.

  31. Sarkar, A., and Wassgren, C. R., “Simulation of a continuous granular mixer: Effect of operating conditions on flow and mixing” Chemical Engineering 301 Science, Vol.64, Issue 11, June 1, 2009, 2672-2682. doi:10.1016/j.ces.2009.02.011 

  32. Tan, J.S., Boerrigter, S.X., Scaringe, R.P., Morris, K.R., “Application of Error- Ranked Singular Value Decomposition for the Determination of Potential- Derived Atomic-Centered Point Charges,” J Comput Chem. 2009 Apr 15;30(5):733-42. 

  33. To, D., Yin, X., Sundaresan, S., Davé, R. N., “Investigation of Nano-particle Aggregate Deagglomeration via the Rapid Expansion of High-Pressure Suspensions in Carbon Dioxide Through an Orifice,” AIChE Journal, submitted August 2008, revised version submitted January 2009, accepted February 2009, in press, July 2009. DOI: 10.1002/aic.11887

  34. Venkatasubramanian, V., “Drowning in Data: Informatics    and Modeling Challenges in a Data Rich Networked World?,” Perspective article, AIChE J., 55(1), p. 2-8. 2009. *(Invited paper, featured on the cover page).

  35. Zhang, Q., Yang, J., Teng, S., Dave, R. N., Zhu, L., Wang, P., Young, M.-W., Gogos, C. G., “In-situ, Simultaneous Milling and Coating of Particulates with Nano-particles,”Powder Technology,196 (2009)292–297.doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2009.08.011.

  36. Zhao, F. Li, Carvajal,M. T., and Harris, M. T., “Interactions Between Bovine Albumin and Alginate: An Evaluation of Alginate as an Encapsulation Carrier,” J. Colloid Interface Sci. 332(2): 345-353 (2009).

Books & Book Chapters

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Publications from Associated Projects

  1. Bhat, P. P., Basaran, O. A., and Pasquali, M., “Beads-on-string formation during filament pinch-off: dynamics with the PTT model for non-affine motion,” J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech, (in press), 2009, (URL:

  2. Mehrotra, A., Chaudhuri, B.,Faqih, A.,  Tomassone, M.S.,  Muzzio, F.J.,  “A modeling approach for understanding effects of powder flow properties on tablet weight variability,” Powder Technology, 188, Pages 295-300, (2009).

  3. Feng, T., Bates, S., and Carvajal, M. T.,  “Toward Understanding the Crystal Defects Formation and Evolution during the Cryogenic Milling of Griseofulvin,” Int. J. Pharm. 367(1-2):16-19 (2009). 

  4. Venkat Venkatasubramanian, “DROWNING IN DATA: Informatics and modeling challenges in a data-rich networked world”, AIChE Journal, 55(1), 2009, p 2-8.

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